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Delicious, slow, wood-smoked
    award-    winning
meats smoked fresh daily
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Time and patience. That's the secret to our success in creating our mouthwatering smoked meats. We don't cut any corners! It all starts by carefully hand selecting quality, grade A meat that is slowly wood-smoked to perfection by our professional pit masters. Stop in and grab a plateful of some of the most tender, best smoke flavored meat in town!


Comin get it! Porky's has been awarded several first place prizes during local barbeque competitions. But don't take our word for it - come find out for yourself why we are ranked #1.


Smoking meat to perfection is not a fast-action task. It takes hours to reach the level of mouth-watering smoked meat that we serve. We take great pride in making sure we serve only fresh meat that keeps our customers coming back for more. Although we strive to meet all of our customer demands, some days the demand is greater than our daily production and we might run out early. We apologize for this inconvenience, but running out early means we are doing our job. After all, no meat left on the smoker equals  a bunch of full and happy customers!


the legacy

Porky's owner, Scott Roberts, comes from a family of pit masters and barbeque fanatics. In fact, his father Dennis Roberts opened a barbeque restaurant in 1988, named Mozarks out of Clinton, MO. Scott's dad taught him the family pit master secrets on how to create meat so tender it melted in your mouth. He also showed him how to smoke the meat properly so that it created the thickest red ring, which produced the best wood-smoked flavor.

After working with his father for a while, Scott decided to leave the bar-be-que family business and start a construction company, which he successfully operated for 25 years. This venture taught Scott how to excel in customer service and satisfaction - a skill that he would later use to operate the #1 ranked Porky's Blazin Bar-B-Q restaurant.

Unfortunately, in 2009 Dennis Roberts lost his battle with cancer. For years after his father passed away, Scott envisioned himself opening up a bar-be-que restaurant and carrying on his dad's legacy. As the years went by, he became more and more passionate about this dream. In March 2016, he was able to turn his vision into a reality with the purchase of Porky's Blazin Bar-B-Q in Grain Valley, MO. Today, he continues to  honor his family's legacy by producing the finest mouth-watering smoked meat in the Kansas City area.

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